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(an extract from the magazine Dystopia : Karvishi Agarwal, Francesca Azzoni, Brenta Bao, Chiara Bernini, Arianna Bonifazi ,Shreya Chhabra, Payal Kale, Annabeth Van Rooijen, He Yan, Matilde Zani)

(an Art Direction project for Stefania Seoni)


Susanne Sandgren







Susanne Sandgren:

Memories of the past and moments of the present, woven together into one story. The tale of a piece that has followed numerous journeys and grazed the skin of many. Putting it on feels like going back in time. Reliving the reminiscences that aren’t yours, while creating new narra- tives to remember the next time the fabric covers your skin. Memories that someone else may sense in the future when it is their turn to promise untold stories that will infuse the interlacing threads of the fabric.

Wearig a piece of vintage clothing isn’t solely about the feeling of going back in time in a physical aspect, but about sensing the stories that live within the fabric; the memories, the joy, the sadness and the love that spin around and embrace the threads surrounding your body as you let the piece encapsulate you.

A piece of vintage clothing is in essence much like a wanderer; moving restlessly from owner to owner, until it is so worn out and full of experiences and adventures, that it can no longer live on and withstand anther journey.
And all the momories will be washed away as the threads dissolve and its rich life eventually comes to and end.

(a project for Stefania Seoni)

Susanne Sandgren

Jo-Wei Sunny Wang


Jo-Wei Sunny Wang:

My works are portraits made of thousands of traditional Chinese characters;  a gesture made to construct my personality and to recode my past and future.

In this project I am returning to my background “Family” to remake or reinterpret traditional dress, photos or films that can represent our identity moving from the past to the future.

The theme from the outset we researched about was “travel of the fashion” in which travel can be a state of mind, with yourself, with the family, with items such as vintage dress and literal signs.

I choose the literal artist John Sokol as my inspiration, in his word portraits he is using his familiar literal signs as element.

The idea originates from my first visit to Milan where I felt a direct barrier lying in front of me, not only a language one, but from everything  that stopped me from blending with the surroundings.

I used traditional Chinese characters to write on the photos to present my past background coming back to me. The words used to seem familiar to me, but now they bring me to a lost feeling.

(a project for Stefania Seoni)

Jo-Wei Sunny Wang

Jiajun Emmie Wang



Jiajun Emmie Wang:

Guizhou, Winter 1990
My aunt took these photos in a small village

Stockholm, Winter 2015… I opened the yellowed album

The people  in the photos look like living in the Peach-Blossom Source, as described in this poem:

“The land was flat and spacious.There were houses arranged in good order with fertile fields, beautiful ponds, bamboo groves, mulberry trees and paths crisscrossing the fields in all directions. The crowing of cocks and the barking of dogs were within everyone’s earshot.

In the fields the villagers were busy with farm work. Men and women were dressed like people outside. They all, old and young, appeared happy.”

25 years later, 9000 miles away

I put on their costumes to shoot these photos

When I was walking in the snow, I felt like jumping into the cracks of time

a feeling of  travelling to another time and place

(a project for Stefania Seoni)

Jiajun Emmie Wang

aslan senay





Aslan Senay:

while working on this project I wanted to travel to a world where my mother is free. I started with capturing the pictures that show the meaning of captivity and by burning certain parts of the pictures I wanted to give it a sense of freedom. In the picture of a bird no matter how beautiful the bird is in the cage. It would pick freedom over the most beautiful cage. while not wanting to leave the responsibilities of being a mother I captured inner scream of wanting to be free. shortly in all my work I wanted to free my mother.

(a project for Stefania Seoni )

aslan senay