zeenia dalal: HIS Warp Our Weft

Embracing Spirituality through Textiles.

Textiles have been man’s and woman’s most sacred companion throughout his-her journey till the modern time. It has always been connected to us at every moment of our life. In Taoism, the to and fro of the shuttle echoes the rise and fall of breathing. To some African tribes- the warp beam represents heaven and cloth beam earth. Every warp intersecting with a weft forms a cross. The cross contains the vertical dimension, referring to the transcendent, and the horizontal dimension, the place of earth and human experience Making cloth is almost universally considered akin to making life. Thread is often understood as a pathway— a line to follow. When we spin out a thread or make a fabric from mere wisps of fiber, we are seemingly making something out of nothing. We speak of “spinning a yarn” when we draw out words and put them together to tell a tale. We “put a spin on” ideas , shaping them as we want. People who dabble in magic “weave” spells.

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zeenia dalal: HIS Warp Our Weft

Maria Enrica Barbieri

Certain things can be said with words, others with movements. There are also moments in which one remains speechless, completely lost and disoriented, one no longer knows what to do. At this point the dance begins, and for reasons completely di erent from vanity. Not to show that the dancers can do something that a spectator can not do. We must nd a language – with words, with images, atmospheres – that makes us sense something that has always existed in us.

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Maria Enrica Barbieri