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yang yunxiao

Maria Enrica Barbieri

Certain things can be said with words, others with movements. There are also moments in which one remains speechless, completely lost and disoriented, one no longer knows what to do. At this point the dance begins, and for reasons completely di erent from vanity. Not to show that the dancers can do something that a spectator can not do. We must nd a language – with words, with images, atmospheres – that makes us sense something that has always existed in us.

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Maria Enrica Barbieri


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(an extract from the magazine Dystopia : Karvishi Agarwal, Francesca Azzoni, Brenta Bao, Chiara Bernini, Arianna Bonifazi ,Shreya Chhabra, Payal Kale, Annabeth Van Rooijen, He Yan, Matilde Zani)

(an Art Direction project for Stefania Seoni)


Susanne Sandgren







Susanne Sandgren:

Memories of the past and moments of the present, woven together into one story. The tale of a piece that has followed numerous journeys and grazed the skin of many. Putting it on feels like going back in time. Reliving the reminiscences that aren’t yours, while creating new narra- tives to remember the next time the fabric covers your skin. Memories that someone else may sense in the future when it is their turn to promise untold stories that will infuse the interlacing threads of the fabric.

Wearig a piece of vintage clothing isn’t solely about the feeling of going back in time in a physical aspect, but about sensing the stories that live within the fabric; the memories, the joy, the sadness and the love that spin around and embrace the threads surrounding your body as you let the piece encapsulate you.

A piece of vintage clothing is in essence much like a wanderer; moving restlessly from owner to owner, until it is so worn out and full of experiences and adventures, that it can no longer live on and withstand anther journey.
And all the momories will be washed away as the threads dissolve and its rich life eventually comes to and end.

(a project for Stefania Seoni)

Susanne Sandgren