Dots sit together and create a form, the pupil of the eye tracks the radiation of the light and the concept is decoded in our brain. Dots with various colors create a different impact; colors transmit a meaning and our soul (subconscious) receives it right away.

A blue dress radiates peace and calmness, one doesn’t find hope and enthusiasm in the color ‘gray. In our collective conscious, ‘white’ is a sign of equilibrium and silence. In my design I have placed the white circles within the blue background, I believe that these colors are in direct contact with our subconscious and our body feels familiar with them.


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Souvenirs of the past

During childhood I had to practice the pronunciation of words. I needed to learn how to articulate them correctly. Speech therapy established the first link between my mind and the senses on one hand and my lips on the other. I focused on the movements of the lips. I used to sit in front of the mirror and look at how they would move. I didn’t like their pink color, so I asked for my Mom’s red lipstick. I enjoyed watching my lips with the red lipstick on. I specifically liked the movements of the teacher lips: when the teacher read poems. I used to practice those movements later on in front of the mirror. This is how I got to know a part of my body, from my early days, in a conscious way, it is a moment that still stands out in my mind.



FROM FOOT TO HEAD ” Galleria Arte passante” Stazione di Porta Venezia Milano. Reportage by NoTV

works by:   Karvishi Anil Agarwal, Tugce Asik, Francesca Azzoni, Sherry Hemant Batra, Chiara Bernini, Emilio José Bonadio, Arianna Bonifazi, Francesca Bucciarelli, Elena Cedrone, Gaoming Chen, Annunziata Cirillo, Shreya Chhabra, Melisa Cilli, Zeenia Percy Dalal, Chiara Del Giudice, Hafiz Nouman Ali Fareed, Bao Fengxue, Cinzia Galia, Narjes Ghorbani, Mitsy Diana Giorgana Romero, Jessica Gridella, Muxin Han, Can Hei, Guo Huimei, Payal Kale, Niyati Khetwal, Hengrui Na, Ananthabartti Ramaswamy, Liuhui Ren, Al Khansa Shalilhah, Annabeth Van Rooijen, He Yan, Shun Qiyan, Liu Ren, Shuying Yang, Yan Yuan, Matilde Zani, Yujing Zhang.

curated by Cinzia Ruggeri

FROM FOOT TO HEAD ” Galleria Arte passante” Stazione di Porta Venezia Milano. Reportage by NoTV


This textile project is dedicated to Golnar. Golnar is my dear friend, an artist, a painter, and a sculpture maker.

In the era of globalization where everyone eats at McDonald, drinks at Starbucks and socializes through Facebook, she creates.

In the monotone brown desert, she is the red creator who encourages us not to fear of differences but to embrace them.


(a textile project for Barbara Comuzzi)