Hao Min interviewed by Anna Battista


Hao Min interviewed by Anna Battista

Min Hao: The hands of the origin

The hands of the origin are the hands that attempt to clean the surface of Chinese culture: to present its original and inner beauties.

When we are finding some antique objects under the underground and after cleaning them, we can discover the real and original beauty of those objects.

I am referring to the real face of Chinese women in Chinese culture, by cleaning the wrong imaginations about them we would see and discover the real worth of Chinese culture and the high level of education and personality of Chinese women.

We would discover the real values of their personality and their characteristic.

Aware that Chinese porcelain represents China in the best way to the mind of people all around the world; I studied it as the object of my inspiration. It helped me to transfer all the deepest and inner beauty of this Culture and its women’s personality into a design project.


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Min Hao: The hands of the origin

“A gift from the sky” Salon Du Chocolat















“A gift from the sky”

Guided By Nicoletta Morozzi students  worked with a Pastry Master Chef experimenting techniques to  combine fabric with chocolate

Dress Sculture 14 –Yulia Salomatova with Master Chef:  Alessandro Dalmasso

Spica – Luis Lopez Luna with Master Chef: Denis Dianin

Crystal Snow Guo Xuan with Master Chef:  Francesco Elmi 

Chocolate Garden Hao Min, Wu Shiao with Master Chef: Fabrizio Galla

Chocolate Touch Mayra Sartori with Master Chef: Alessandro Servida

In the mood for time Jing Zhi Wang with Master Chef: Roberto Rinaldini

Drappeggio indiano Ram Mahohar Bodapati with Master Chef: Luca Mannori

Phal Federica De Stefano with Master Chef: Alessandro Dalmasso

Sweer Tweed Simone Antonini, Clarisssa GUsmao with Master Chef: Davide Comaschi

Sweet College Days Viviana Dell’Orto with Master Chef: Giancarlo Cortinovis

Feed your clothes, wear your food Oana Juganaru, Adriana Sanchez with Master Chef: Pasquale Marigliano

White temptation Arif Kara with Master Chef: Davide Comaschi

Soft Net Vanessa Rueda with Master Chef: Francesco Elmi

Lock your Past Pornarun Taengnara with Master Chef: Alessandro Servida

“A gift from the sky” Salon Du Chocolat