Wyler Vetta

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A collaboration between WYLER VETTA and students of the II Intake M.A. Fashion and Textile Design Naba: Students have worked along two parallel strands: a photographic and a graphic one.

Wyler Vetta has never been represented with such a contemporary look and that fits it perfectly. Free to express their creativity and with no influences, students did an amazing job, producing more than 150 contents: shots and graphics that highlight the up-to-the-minute style of the brand: the product, the finishing and also the logo itself have been studied and re-worked.


Wyler Vetta

zeenia dalal: HIS Warp Our Weft

Embracing Spirituality through Textiles.

Textiles have been man’s and woman’s most sacred companion throughout his-her journey till the modern time. It has always been connected to us at every moment of our life. In Taoism, the to and fro of the shuttle echoes the rise and fall of breathing. To some African tribes- the warp beam represents heaven and cloth beam earth. Every warp intersecting with a weft forms a cross. The cross contains the vertical dimension, referring to the transcendent, and the horizontal dimension, the place of earth and human experience Making cloth is almost universally considered akin to making life. Thread is often understood as a pathway— a line to follow. When we spin out a thread or make a fabric from mere wisps of fiber, we are seemingly making something out of nothing. We speak of “spinning a yarn” when we draw out words and put them together to tell a tale. We “put a spin on” ideas , shaping them as we want. People who dabble in magic “weave” spells.

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zeenia dalal: HIS Warp Our Weft

annabeth van rooijen

The fashion industry requires that large amounts of animals be killed every year for clothing purposes. No matter the origin of the animals or the location where such activities take place, suffering and pain occur in order to allow us to enjoy a fur coat or other fur-made clothing and accessories. 

here some alternatives to fur to take into consideration. 

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annabeth van rooijen

annunziata cirillo

llogical blank.

Expressions of freedom through the path of the imagination of utopian worlds.

The greatest utopia of modern man is that of being someone else. If you can not find a new body, it is always better to create an alter ego, or to dress up. But to put yourself in someone else shoes is not enough to wear his-her clothes, you have to enter this new space and live there.

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annunziata cirillo