Looking at works of art.  Feeling the mood of the artist and the memories.  Always want to use different ways to save my own memories.  Abstract.  Whether you understand or not.  Do not want just words in black and white.  I’m wondering.  I can tell my story in my way.  I can weave my own memories on fabric.

JIAJUN WANG, NABA Fashion Show 2017, Photo by Mattia Bianchi for Andrea BaioniJIAJUN_WANG_NABA_2.jpgJIAJUN_WANG_NABA_3.jpgJIAJUN_WANG_NABA_4.jpgJIAJUN_WANG_NABA_5.jpgJIAJUN_WANG_NABA_6.jpg

Photo by Andrea Baioni


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