Dots sit together and create a form, the pupil of the eye tracks the radiation of the light and the concept is decoded in our brain. Dots with various colors create a different impact; colors transmit a meaning and our soul (subconscious) receives it right away.

A blue dress radiates peace and calmness, one doesn’t find hope and enthusiasm in the color ‘gray. In our collective conscious, ‘white’ is a sign of equilibrium and silence. In my design I have placed the white circles within the blue background, I believe that these colors are in direct contact with our subconscious and our body feels familiar with them.


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Souvenirs of the past

During childhood I had to practice the pronunciation of words. I needed to learn how to articulate them correctly. Speech therapy established the first link between my mind and the senses on one hand and my lips on the other. I focused on the movements of the lips. I used to sit in front of the mirror and look at how they would move. I didn’t like their pink color, so I asked for my Mom’s red lipstick. I enjoyed watching my lips with the red lipstick on. I specifically liked the movements of the teacher lips: when the teacher read poems. I used to practice those movements later on in front of the mirror. This is how I got to know a part of my body, from my early days, in a conscious way, it is a moment that still stands out in my mind.



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