DEEP INSIDE: A journey through a tormented human soul.

The project started analyzing one of the last Guglielmo del Toro’s movie Crimson peak. As a group we decided to focus on  the most interesting character to us: the baronet Thomas Sharp. His double face attitude and his contrasting feelings for the female protagonist of the story and for his sister inspired us to make a cape and a dress both reflecting the behaviour of the baronet.
The Cape has two sides: the outer side reflects the baronet elegant and respectable aspects shown at the beginning of the movie, the inner side reflects the darkest side of the baronet; referring to his life spent in tricking women and hiding terrible secrets.
The dress is linked to his pleasant feelings. A romantic piece containing two kind of love: one is in the body: a creepy and an obsessive love, the one for her sister which torments and consumes his soul.
The skirt represents the new: a pure and powerful feeling for the female protagonist that makes him eager to start a new life far away from the faults of the past.
DSC_0691_modified.jpgDSC_0803 modified.jpg
(Jessica Gridella, Gaoming Chen, Guo Huimei, Ananthabhartti Ramaswamy, Melisa cilli, Hei Can, Fareed Ali Nouman Hafiz, Ren Liuhui: an art direction project for Stefania Seoni)
DEEP INSIDE: A journey through a tormented human soul.

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