zhang yujing

Cumulonimbus are developed by clouds forming masses, accompanied by thunderstorms and showers; clouds towering with their top in the shape of  a cauliflower. Cumulonimbus are the most dramatic types of clouds. When I first saw cumulonimbus clouds, I was very shocked, I think Cumulonimbus are very beautiful, spectacular, there are kind of magic, they make me want to go to do something about them. The colour of  the clouds is grey , thin clouds are white, when they become too thick and sunlight doesn’t pass through them, they can look gray or black. With heavy rains and thunderstorms Cumulonimbus clouds can start from very close to the ground and they can develop to an altitude of 13000 meters. Cumulonimbus clouds seem to have a sense of magic, they let me want to break through the imprisonment of bottom layers and to enjoy the high light and beauty. It is similar to what can happen to a person’s life; when all the backlog of pain and suffering setbacks to a certain extent, there is always a breaking out that overcome the chaotic period of thunders and lightnings and thunderstorms, breaking through the confine, we will then be able to reach a new land.

(a project for Cinzia Ruggeri and Luca Belotti)

zhang yujing

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