Arianna Bonifazi: Roots

The tree is the major organ in nature, its operation can be compared to the real and concrete life of a person; it comes to life, it feeds, breathes, reproduces, and dies. At the base of it there are the roots: a fundamental part for life (as fundamental for human beings).
My project explores the journey of a tree during which, through the roots, it absorbs everything necessary for its growth.
The word root have different meanings but in any case its task is to absorb something: minerals, culture, sap, knowledge, traditions. Each person, on his-her way of growing, tramples on  various and unknown territories, absorbing new experiences, knowing new faces and trying new emotions. The roots, as in reality, are the basis of my project; in which they, intertwined and entangled, cover the feet and form the shoes.

(a project for Cinzia Ruggeri and Luca Belotti)

Arianna Bonifazi: Roots

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