The first step for my Textile project was choosing a person that I know very well. Starting from there I build up a collection basing its whole development on images and sensations.

I choose Margherita: my best friend. Since I consider her a sister  it was quite easy to describe her through images that could tell about her personality: the shyness and the thoughtfulness despite of her surprising smartness. Although her appearance, quite cold and reserved that make her look like a little princess, she is a very warm girl and a precious friend. You just need to go beyond the first impression to find it out,  to discover what her interests are, mostly  her passion for the Japanese culture and for the whole world of fantasy books and videogames.

The second step was much more complicated: to find a red ribbon that could link the feelings of each image into just one concept.  I started to think about the direction of every picture: for instance, being shy means that you want to hide your real personality, looking very clean and tidy is quickly associated to maths. Japanese culture is very close to the fantasy world of fairy tales and magic that you can find in videogames: fascinating and unreal places and characters full of colours and adventure. How to match the order of numbers with the feeling of wonder and with something that it’s hidden? The answer is in nature: the most amazing and precious show that a starry sky can offer in the most cold and difficult to be reached places on the earth as the poles and the outer space.

Nothing is more royal than an uncontaminated sky full of lights.

I took my colour palette out from the milky way, the space nebulae and the pole lights, choosing to put together several cold tones, as a very dark blue and different shades of grey, with few warm colours, as pink, and something brilliant, to give the sensation of something elegant, priceless and at the same time spectacular and enjoyable. For lines and shapes again nature and physics were protagonists with the ice permutation and with the photographer Mark Mawson’s tests with smoke and water: bends and rounded shapes which intertwine together into both familiar and misleading figures.

Then “MyPrincess Collection” started to grow mixing different technique of weaving, embroidering and dying. Each sample purpose is to impart the sensation of admiring something bright but basic, cold but enjoyable, warm but elegant: conflicting feelings links exactly to the impression that comes out watching our very-well-known and at the same time boundless sky and its “natural” yet amazing characteristics.




( a textile project for Barbara Comuzzi)


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