cinzia galia: “SPLAT” WALKING ON EGGS

The vision of a possible footprint that I have materialised comes from the idea of “walking on eggs”, breaking the shells and splatting the content.

Thinking about the difficulties that you may experience by walking slowly in order not to break the eggs.

Some people experiment to step on the eggs without breaking them, if this happens it means that all the eggs were perfectly been placed on their axis of gravity.

There are many symbolic means regarding eggs since ancient history; their perfect shape, the pureness of their geometry and above all the power of their shell as a container of the consciousness and of  the mystery of the universal knowledge.

For me an egg is a strong symbol of mystical consciousness: it has an inside and an outside.

I personally approach this topic gently as I already know that  it’s impossible not to break the eggs

lateral1 copia.jpglateralemodella.jpgleisedutaa copia.jpgstruzzonotte2.jpg

( a project for Cinzia Ruggeri and Luca Belotti)

cinzia galia: “SPLAT” WALKING ON EGGS

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