Melisa Çilli: An Untold Story

It Is
A Modern Day Story
It Is
A Story That Is Taught
When You Are A Little Girl
You Should Be Beautiful
You Should Be Charming
You Should Be Thin
You Should Be Attractive
You Should Be Like A Princess
You Should Be Like Her
Everybody Has To Like You

Then You Can Deserve Everything

Wake Up Call From Fairy Tale

There Is A Another Story
That Nobody Tells
That Nobody Mentions

It Is
An Untold Story
That Is Known Only Among Women
A Deviant Secret
A Plastic Fairy Tale

The Story
That You Live
That Every Woman Lives

Galip Emre: Video Shooting
Melisa Çilli: Garments, Accessories, Video Editing
Ceyda Ozcan: Dancer
Sercenk Yucel: Dancer

Music: Rearranging Furniture Gabriel Yared

Special Thanks To: Galip Emre Dance Company

(a project for Cinzia Ruggeri and Luca Belotti)

Melisa Çilli: An Untold Story

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