Jessica Gridella: find your Travel

What is travel?

Travel means going to somewhere, someone or something; it’s taking a direction.
But where should we go? How we can know which direction is right for us?
Nobody can find the way. The real answer is just live the travel: outside and mostly inside of you. Take all the possible directions following your feet, even if one foot want to go ahead while the other one want to come back.
Sometimes it’s very easy to find your place to go, sometimes instead it’s like a treasure hunt and you just have an old and broken map and you must put together all the pieces before starting.
But isn’t it more interesting in this way? It looks like a travel into the travel. And you can experience more.
You must know that on this trip you will never be alone. People around are part of travel. Almost the best part I think. Even them are like the pieces of a map: each one will give you something and at the end you will put all these things together and keep them inside of you to find the side of yourself that you don’t know yet.
So, what are you waiting for?
Take your bag and your shoes with you because they will never be too much full or too much worn. And start to follow your personal “white rabbit” through all the magical places both on the earth and into your mind.

But first, do not forget:


(a project for Cinzia Ruggeri and Luca Belotti)

Jessica Gridella: find your Travel

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