Chiara Bernini

The sea:  I drew inspiration from the colors and the shapes of its inhabitants.
From this imaginary an alter-ego of a seaman figure was born.

Every detail of the project has a strong appeal to the natural world: the corals of the shoes, the play of light on the dress and the drapes of the fabric.

We can imagine this alter ego walking on a beach leaving footprints on its path, discovering beautiful places (such as beaches where jellyfish lay shining in the light of the night which create a magical atmosphere). This figure eventually gets undressed to dive into the water abandoning the dress in waves.

The garment  was thrown in sulfurous water at Bullicame, a thermal spring mentioned by Dante in the Inferno, where he describes the water surfacing  in a spiral movement, coming  directly from  the depths of the earth.
I have also referred to the theme of the spiral on the shoes that resemble a shell cut in half.

(a project for Cinzia Ruggeri and Luca Belotti)

Chiara Bernini

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