Pornarun Taengnara:Trans-Thai



Local fabrics handicraft should be conserved and supported because they have a unique feature which is different from other kind of fabrics.

The fabrics have vivid colours and fantastic patterns.

Even with the advantages of modern technology, their beauty can not be reproduced.

I developed this project in Thailand where I have leaned different kind of local handicraft techniques , I then ,through workshops, transmitted those techniques to the youngest , I have work with high school students and undergraduates with the aim of remembering the wisdom featured in each fabric.

For this project I focused on 3 kind of  fabric creation. Praewa weaving was trained for undergraduates. Stamp and Stencil were trained for secondary school. Then, Tied and dyed were trained for lower secondary school.

From this experience I have created a fashion collection that I have named: Trans-Thai



Pornarun Taengnara:Trans-Thai

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