Personage : Irina Nicolaevna

Bibiana Álvarez, Lidiya Suteva, Wanjing Li Begonia, Huang Jo-Wei Sunny: …we invented a personage, we gave her a date of birth and wrote about her life.

We made her clothing .

Personage : Irina Nicolaevna

Born: 1890, Moscow, Russia

Family: Aristocratic Russian family (her father has a high position in the Russian army, before the revolution; her husband had a high position in the army, he was loyal to the Tsar, he was killed during the World War I;  her mother was from an old aristocratic family; her brother however had liberal opinions and attitudes; she had a child.

Character: duality of mind and versatility; ability to see both sides of the same coin; elegance; the mistakes of youth; happiness, self-centeredness, imagination and restlessness like children. She considered life as a game; looking for fun and new situations. Sometimes she used her attributes to achieve her own goals; she is able to resort to lies without losing her charm just to get what she wants; she gets discouraged easily (such as children when they do not get what they want); she likes to receive attention, gifts and compliments.

Before the revolution she was leading a typical life of a woman from the Russian aristocracy, but also she was interested in the contemporary tendencies in the arts, she has close relationships with some of the Russian artists and poets (poetesses) of the time before the revolution. However after the revolution her life changed dramatically. She lost her position, her fortune, her husband. She was forced to hide and then change her identity (pretending that she is an ordinary woman without aristocratic background) in order to save her life and her child’s life.


( a project for Manuela Porta)

Personage : Irina Nicolaevna

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