cristina tonin: MACONDO, One hundred years of magical visions

The initial inspiration for this project was drawn from the necessity of creating a device that served as a vehicle to relive the emotional impact and the creative mental effect of the novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel García Márquez. It is a tribute to the
man who created the most improbable of all places, and who spectacularly illustrated the Colombian reality, a project that is born to prove the lasting relevance of Magical Realism to this day.
“Macondo, One Hundred Years of Magical Visions” is an historical research, a Fashion project, a Textile collection, an Art Direction concept, a travel in time and the places most unlikely, and overall, a universe of infinite possibilities. The outcome of this project is
tangible in a collection of printed fabrics. A combination of graphic and visual elements that come alive through the magic of innovative textile techniques, and the longing for the traditonal ones. A project that relies fully in the power of the material of making emotions
come to life and becoming the Fashion Object.
Photographed by Carolina Prieto
cristina tonin: MACONDO, One hundred years of magical visions

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