Madhan Kumar Mani: Rasa – Transcending threads

Rasa derived from the Sanskrit word for ”the state of fusion.”

Rasa nuances the agreeable quality of something, especially the emotional and aesthetic impressions of work of art.
Enunciating in terms of the collection, Rasa impersonates the connection; the chaos between Ego and Alter ego.

Inspiration is sourced from Theyyam, ancient ritual dance form practiced in India and Harajuku, a subculture in Japan.

RASA concentrates on street style fashion. This, because, harajuku cult is the key inspirational factor. It is about foregoing street style of bygone eras and concentrating on the now, with the intention of ensuing a cardinal reconstruction in the future..
Rasa invokes a sense of novelty in Men’s streeet style fashion . The idea of the collection is to break barriers of the standars men’s silhouettes and move on the new era of novelty. This novelty stems from the raw structures and apparel accessories based on primal raw emotions..
Rasa – RAW defined : represents the purity that arises from the construction. This defines the two elements used to create the pieces.
‘raw’ denotes handmade work, namely embroidery and lace weaving.
‘defined’ represents the finesse that arises from the use of machines for sewing and finishing.
Madhan Kumar Mani: Rasa – Transcending threads

4 thoughts on “Madhan Kumar Mani: Rasa – Transcending threads

  1. Pacheiyappan says:

    It’s very lovely and innovative creations… Congrats Madhan Kumar and continue to give your innovative creations and mark a new trend in fashion designing… All the best!!

    With love

    Pachu Kavi..

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