“Haiku” is a form of Japanese Poetry. It is short, raw, deeply related to nature and evocative. According to The Ancient Japanese  Almanac or calendar, one year is divided in 72 almost equal pieces. So, I created 72 pieces of accessories,  including  9 items for all of the following categories: handbag, scarf, armband, hair needle, bracelet, necklace, earring and ring.

Each piece of the collection is referred to a haiku and to a specific place in the seasonal cycle (corresponding to one of the 72 parts of the year). As the earth and the other elements of nature changes, my pieces change too. For example, in spring they are vigorous and full of details, while in winter they are plain and minimal. I wanted to follow Haiku and its most influential underlined philosophy, Zen, also in the selection of the materials. Therefore, not only I chose natural materials but also I connected them to the five elements of nature according to Zen philosophy. For the production, I used several techniques such as: wood banding, wood carving, tea dying and so on. The pieces of the collection are all designed and produced by me, Hazal Kurtulus.”

Photographer_ Carolina Prieto
Make-up Artist_ Chiara Nuzzo
Model_ Das Models / Olga Kucharska

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