crazes and fads that move money but don’t bring any joy


Sogni Cuciti a Mano (Handsewn Dreams)

a film celebrating the graduates of the Master of Arts in Fashion and Textile Design 2015-16, Fashion Design Course led by Cinzia Ruggeri, @ NABA, Milan. Directed by Marco Poma. 

There is a childlike purity to the film: when the video opens the students are shown sleeping on their working tables or reversed on their sewing machines. They aren’t actually exhausted, but they are simply dreaming about the clothes they would like to make.

Their choices go from romantic to avant-garde, with some students attempting to maybe criticise a bit the system by writing on their designs mottos and slogans such as “We are all rats” or “My body rules”, the former almost a statement about our collective views of young fashion designers as disposable entities that can be replaced every six months with the next big thing; the latter a message of empowerment to all those people who feel uneasy in their own skin.

The most poetic thing about this video, remains the fact that the students are all sleeping and dreaming together in their workshop, almost to remind us that you need a team of people (and not big egos…) to make sure the fashion industry works properly. There is actually an ironic twist at the very end of the video, with one student getting pelted by a few (digital) rotten tomatoes, but, rather than crying, he seems happy to use them as decorative elements and additional colours for his design since he happily smiles at the end of the digital vegetable deluge.

“The students in the course are really nice and at least we’re having fun,” their lecturer, former fashion designer Cinzia Ruggeri, comments. In a negative fashion industry, keen on producing crazes and fads that move money but don’t bring any joy, that sounds like a huge statement.

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crazes and fads that move money but don’t bring any joy

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