Jo-Wei Sunny Wang


Jo-Wei Sunny Wang:

My works are portraits made of thousands of traditional Chinese characters;  a gesture made to construct my personality and to recode my past and future.

In this project I am returning to my background “Family” to remake or reinterpret traditional dress, photos or films that can represent our identity moving from the past to the future.

The theme from the outset we researched about was “travel of the fashion” in which travel can be a state of mind, with yourself, with the family, with items such as vintage dress and literal signs.

I choose the literal artist John Sokol as my inspiration, in his word portraits he is using his familiar literal signs as element.

The idea originates from my first visit to Milan where I felt a direct barrier lying in front of me, not only a language one, but from everything  that stopped me from blending with the surroundings.

I used traditional Chinese characters to write on the photos to present my past background coming back to me. The words used to seem familiar to me, but now they bring me to a lost feeling.

(a project for Stefania Seoni)

Jo-Wei Sunny Wang

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