The vision of this collection begins with the biblical allegory of the fall of Babel told by the prophet Isaiah read as a contemporary profane allegory.

The story told is that of a high-society girl falling out from her father grace as a result of her acts of rebellions. Like Lucifer she falls.

In the escape, the girl steals the clothes of her father.

The woman of this collection dresses, therefore, with typically masculine fabrics like pinstripe tuxedo and faille, almost casually draped, as to  simulate the rush of the escape, reclining sinuously on female silhouette, enhancing the waist, which is finely androgynous.

As a contrast the coats are rigid, have deep necklines and wide necks.

The dominant colours are matte black, fire red and yellow gold.

The atmosphere of the collection dresses of disillusionment and rebellious fury, the runaway girl accepts with proud and determination the stage of decadence, she have found herself in, after running away from home.

Photography: Luca Zulianello
Make-up: Federica Paladini
Hairstyle: Massimiliano Sturiano
Assistants: Gaia Riva, Sergio Galbiati
Adela (Wave models)
Ola (Pop models)
(A Thesis project)

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