The inner chaos that lives in all of us when experiencing  the transition from adolescence to adulthood has been a great inspiration for this collection.

The ideal woman I imagine wearing my clothes is a saturated woman, pure with that kind of  unpredictable energy that allows her to the move between sporty youth looks to more mature flavour looks.

Classic fabrics like flannel and tweed meet and blend in coated fabrics or digitally printed fabric. This fusion of classic and contemporary can be found in the jacquard pattern composed by images of legs and skateboards creating an optical effect.

The coats are comfortable and characterised by the cocoon shape, a kind of protection from the outside world, as to not scratch the rash and fragile path of the growing up ; they are, however, made impressive by the use of voluminous furs and optical prints, showing a strong personality.

Under the coat, however, we find a purer and fresher side, to represent a more lively and jaunty side.


Photo by Jacopo Labuz
Styling by Gaia riva
Make-up by Chiara lupi e Federica Paladini
Hair by Barbara Bargi
(A Thesis project )

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