Bibiana Álvarez: People clothing

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Bibiana Álvarez:

Clothing as a sign must fit a given situation. If the person does not fit in it, it may be excluded from it. In a society that constantly judges, people are  observed  on if they fit or not to the established guidelines. Identity, as in social sciences, is the compression and the expression of each person about their individuality and about their membership, or not, to a certain groups. Fashion has always been a key tool that provides differentiation and helps the construction of identity. For an image to be effective it must reflect a dignified identity.

But we should question ourselves what is really decent and proper in fashion.

Within a few aesthetic guidelines as to dress well, I might consider my father as the contrary inspiration. He is a person who values comfort and economics above of any trends. His closet is composed and based on advertising t-shirts and polo shirts that are given in promotions and events. From a practical and functional point of view, really, what else do we need?

Therefore I wanted to make a simple garment that shows his outfits. His style and philosophy of life is advertised by a t-shirt.

This project should and could be expanded. If everyone have their way of dressing and their way of belonging by identification, it would be interesting to analyse and synthesise their basic outfits to create different designs and garments. 

(A project for Stefania Seoni)

Bibiana Álvarez: People clothing

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