Mayra Sartori

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Mayra Sartori : …this collection is inspired by an old TYPEWRITER machine, I decided to use this theme for the three different concepts given by the teacher: the affective, the graphic sign and the interactive.
I choose love letters as a direction to follow, I wanted to express the feelings of a broken hearted lover, feelings such as suffering, pain, anger, desperation, disappointment and impotent. Within this theme, I focused on the invisible geometric lines which result from the typing of the words “love, run, secrets, move on, lost, stay, say, time and try”.
For the “graphic sign” concept , i used typed words as a print.
For the affective concept I was inspired by a  personal childhood story, choosing a sentimental piece, a flowered blanket that I used a lot when I was a kid which I related to the theme creating a print that remind some smashed paper sheets looking like flowers.
For the interactive concept I used action and reaction that arise from the suffering of losing someone.
Place: Foguete Beach – Cabo Frio – Brazil
Styling and Design: Mayra Sartori
Concept Photography : Mayra Sartori
Photography: Marcelas Rimes
Model: Alanna Meirelles

(a project for Cinzia Ruggeri)

Mayra Sartori

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