Vanessa Rueda

Picture 5

A lot of projects are born after coincidences…

Second Skin is a static non static proposal inspired by Lamentation, the grieving piece by Martha Graham in which the leitmotiv is not just mourning but also the relationship between architecture, dance and definitely a homage to the very embracing of sorrow.

Based on that, this piece took place at Monumental Cemetery in Milan where the tombs have an invisible but very noticeable sound. The intention of the performance was to experiment with a very simple costume that acted like a gauzy second skin, trying to get out and being in the interstice. The movement was the most important part as result, approach and evidence of dealing with that membrane. That is why the visual reflection is related to stopping a span of time, documenting this dance and using the body contours as echo of the action.

The accompanying sound is made out of three layers, is a compilation of the sound of the cemetery, the sound of exit mechanisms such as zippers and a passage in which Martha Graham herself explains how the tragedy absorbs the body until seeing pure wailing on the surface.

Vanessa Rueda for VertigineMagazine

(a project for Stefania Seoni)

Vanessa Rueda

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