Mayra Sartori: from Angel to Human


Mayra Sartori: … The inspiration for the project came from the creation of a story, which would develop a shoe; and from this, a complete outfit. The concept is the contrast between the real and the unreal, creating the story of an angel who has no gender, and for some heavenly reason has to become human and to live on the earth. But the process is painful, as the angel does not know how to walk, does not know where to go, nor know what it is to have feelings. All this pain and distress is visually transmitted in some details in the outfit.

The dragonfly was used to symbolize the transformation that the angel gets, since before it could “fly” and not anymore. As well, the irregular drawings of its wings, symbolize the angelic memories that now are confused and uncertain, with many unclear future ways. The outfit is not defined as male or female to demonstrate exactly the idea of no gender.

The color palette is soft, white is using only in the first layer of the pants and covering by other layers and colors that symbolize the changes. The soft earth colors symbolize the sky, the ways that this angel goes through trying to find a similar place to the one that he lived before, believing that this one is a cold place. This cold is designed in blue and green colors, which are covered by skin color that now symbolizes the skin. The heart of embroidery is the focus in the top as real human heart. The fabrics used are fine fabrics such as silk and tulle for visually designing the idea of ​​layers and so they are seen despite overlapping.

(project for Cinzia Ruggeri)

Mayra Sartori: from Angel to Human

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