Vanessa Milena Rueda Moya: Misak


Vanessa Milena Rueda Moya: Misak

The project it’s about interstices that I found, from the footprint to the top, crossing some lines between my own origin and the need to search for a trace. It all started as an impulse of going back home after living in the US for more than 6 years. Obsessed by the idea of shoes as the only garment in our closets that touch the sole, I made a mix between an indigenous culture in Colombia (Guambianos or Misak in their own language) and a very Japanese street style in Tokyo. The tunic reflects that spirit and moved by the fact that natives in my country are fighting for their land and rights, I found very interesting to recover some of their language being one of the pieces of culture that they are still passing through generations. The embroidered piece is a special prayer that marks the unfinished concept of the whole look and at the same time, talks about recovering and re-contextualizing some elements in their traditions.

(project for Cinzia Ruggeri)

Vanessa Milena Rueda Moya: Misak

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