Pornarun Taengnara: “self portrait”


Pornarun Taengnara: “…my concept is based on my roots and where I come from. The place I come from is Thailand, which is one of the most beautiful countries to visit in the world. Thailand has a strong culture and architectural background that inspires me to do these pieces. I included intricate detailing and handcraft pieces with a perfect fitting just as my culture would have. Traveling around the world has broadened my perspective on fashion and design. I take a detailing or inspiration from each place that I visit. My final pieces are inspired by what I have seen and experienced, by doing what I love to do most, traveling and design. FOOT PRINT have been designed in an opposite way. The symbols under the shoes are shown “number one in Thai writing” and “number two in International writing”. That means walks STEP BY STEP. Walking slowly and confidently. On the left side, symbols are gone inside of tread that means space to keep things on the way . On the other side, symbols come out of the tread, what I mean by that is that one can stamp this mark on paths like a signature to show the world where we belong to…”

(project for Cinzia Ruggeri)

Pornarun Taengnara: “self portrait”

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