YINXI JIANG : yě mán rén

Yinxi Jiang1

Yinxi Jiang2

Yinxi Jiang3

Yinxi Jiang4

Yinxi Jiang6

Yinxi Jiang5

JIANG YINXI: yě mán rén:

The most horrible thing in the world is your discovery that someone, though having a noble human body is no purer than some seemingly dirty things like shit! Then you are suddenly enlightened that may as well live in a simple and direct manner like a primitive creature without any clothes who is more beautiful and believing than modern human beings Yemanren (The Savage)
The design is an ensemble. The shoes are the heart of the primitive creature. The most basic pattern of the clothes is used to show primitive creature’s living manner simple and direct. The textures on the clothes are designed to embody the skeleton and blood vessels.

(project for Cinzia Ruggeri)

YINXI JIANG : yě mán rén

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