Mariya Zaykova: “The Pain of Ukraine”


“The Pain of Ukraine” F/w women collection dedicated to the people of Ukraine.

Mariya Zaykova:…'”the F/W women collection is inspired by Ukrainian traditional clothes and culture. The idea to create this collection is based on the significant and tragic changes in the history and the policy of Ukraine in 2014. I decided to create this collection with the aim to represent our culture to the foreign countries but also to remind  to Ukrainian women how beautiful they can be wearing the clothes with the elements of the traditional costume but interpreted in a modern way. I tried to create modern garments taking into account the silhouette and the shapes of the traditional costume. The collection consists of 32 outfits. The main colors – black, grey and red. Mostly the shapes are volumetric, the long skirts, dresses, trousers and coats. According to the purpose of the collection I chose the fabric which has a technological features of keeping warm but also are connected with the inspirational base: alpaca wool, cashmere, mohair, add. materials – silk, eco-leather, traditional Ukrainian woven laces, hand cut flowers of eco-leather, pieces realized with knitwear machine and handmade crochet…”

Mariya Zaykova: “The Pain of Ukraine”

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