Teresa Ribeiro Morais: W

Picture 2

Teresa Ribeiro is the winner of the Tosca Blue Competition, her bag will be produced

clik this link to read the announcement : http://www.toscablu.it/nabaxtoscablu/

Milan, Tosca Blu for Expo 2015.  Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

Teresa Ribeiro : …”W has a meaning of Woman and World, inspired by the Expo 2015 theme and the opportunity to think of women as the generate of life – the woman who, through the milk of her breast, is the first source of nutrition for every human being – and at the same time to think of the feminine role in modern life, an evolving role, ever more sophisticated, but which still maintains its ties to our origins and harmony with the planet’s cycles and Life. The project is a tribute to all mothers by means of a simple image, yet one rich in meaning: a woman nursing her son, evoking hope for the future for both humanity and the planet…”

Teresa Ribeiro(from Coimbra – Portugal)
After training as an architect in Portugal, she enrolled in a two-year specialization in Fashion and Textile Design at NABA. Passionate about design, in all its forms, she is especially interested in the functional aspect, creating projects which reconcile beauty with the capacity to resolve everyday problems.
Teresa Ribeiro Morais: W

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