Gaia Riva


Gaia Riva: …”stardust is a powder that fills in the gaps between the twines of  life, it is that titchy, undefined and shiny substance from whom all the ideas were born.
An illusory flux.  It reveals itself as  a gathering of tiny parts all co-operating in the creation of a consistent image.
Although it sprouts from the nature of things, inevitable and eternal, it is moved by an unknown and outer  impulse.
In my universe, this dusty and undefined mass turns into an analytical, tidy, neat and compulsive vision.
“Chronic disorder”: reiteration, obsession, addiction. Repetitive gestures become endless, like a never ending Eco. Pills and powder are an attempt to cure ourselves and  became one of the many routine gestures from which we are addicted to.
Outside, inside, underneath, above: we are surrounded by an alienated and timeless atmosphere and all is suspended…”

project for Romeo Gigli and Claudia Nesi

Model: Filippa K @  the lab models

Hair/makeup: Vanessa Geraci

Photos: Jacopo Labuz

Gaia Riva

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