Victoria Prokhorova on Schön Magazine

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Victoria Prokhorova on Schön Magazine

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The origins of mankind are a source of fierce debate. In this other worldly shoot, Victoria Prokhorova’s designs explore the eerily creature-like quality of earthlings, with model Amalia suspended mid-air, much like cosmic constellations in space. Each garment features simple lines, in contrast with the x-ray print of fish skeletons. Edited with color radiography, Prokhorova’s refreshingly innovative portrayal of sea creatures makes for a vividly graphic digital print.

From the beginning of her career, Prokhorova gained attention in her native Russia for her unrivaled eye for design. Graduating with Honours in Design of Accessories, she spent her education participating in local and international fashion exhibitions and contests, winning a number of prizes including CHAPEAU 2013 and Hat Intrigue 2009. It was after university however, that Prokhorova’s talent truly flourished. Since graduating, she has created multiple images for popular Russian actors, singers, presenters as well as participating in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

With the seaside providing a chilling backdrop, the model levitates on air, almost mimicking a fish in water. In exposing how the sea-bed lives in a sphere of antigravity, photographer Natasha Koinova gives alien-like animation to the sullen-faced model. One of the images from the fashion story has even found itself exhibited at Palazzo Morando Costume Museum in Milan. And designer Victoria Prokhorova is no stranger to Milan’s adoration for her work. In 2013 she applied for an MA Fashion program at NABA School Milan, where she was granted a scholarship by winning an acclaimed competition. It was in Italy that Victoria illustrated for Cosmopolitan Magazine online, styled for Ferroli Company calendar, and participated in Talents Accessories 2014 Young Vision Awards promoted by Vogue Italia. With Koinova’s haunting photography, and Prokhova’s bold designs, a combined vision makes for a truly extraterrestrial experience

Victoria Prokhorova on Schön Magazine

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