Martina Padrin: A culture inside, shown outside.

Martina Padrin: …” this work is a journey of consciousness that starts from the body and through movement, art and hip hop culture, comes to the dress, in which all these elements reflect and take shape. The culture of reference of this project, is Hip Hop, a culture too often stereotyped and devalued, and therefore obscured in its real potential.
Hip Hop culture is essentially a movement of consciousness that through art forms allows us to improve ourselves and others, transforming objects and people in forms of art, creating something positive, out of nothing. The word “Hip Hop”, contain itself all the deep meaning of the culture.
“Hip” is used to indicate something up to date, so we have to be aware to life and to what is happening around us.
“Hop” stands for the movement. Hip Hop: conscious movement.
The study of the body, the main tool we all have available, give us information about the anatomy, but also about spiritual aspects of perception. 
The journey continues moving towards the outside and coming to the dress: the first space we live in this world.
Exploring shapes, materials and elements of the construction of the dress, we come to the fashion and to the way the dress is able to adapt and move on the body.
An analysis of the historical evolution of fashion and styles within the hip hop culture, allows us to have a complete picture of the elements connected here. It helps better to understand the reference environment, influences and inspirations, but also the needs of those who practice and love this culture.
The project is proposed to create four different outfits, united by a modular scheme consisting of a basic sweat pant with patterns that remind to the element and a sweatshirt that is accessorized and shaped due to the movements of the art performer.
Each outfit represent an element, a different form of art. Dance, visual art, music and poetry, the four art forms are shown through the figures of b-boys, graffiti artists, deejays and emcees. The study of their needs and especially the movements of each individual, leads to the creation of garments with different characteristics, but that all share a desire to allow total freedom of movement to the wearer, that is even helped in the practice of his passions.
“A culture inside, shown outside.”

Martina Padrin: A culture inside, shown outside.

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