Yana Kostyleva


Yana Kostyleva:

The main inspiration for the collection is the movie “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”.  I was fascinated by its extraordinary macabre visual style, as well as by the idea of using fantastic stylized sets, unnatural lighting, strange dance-like movement of the actors and their exaggerated makeup to express the subjective perceptions of the main character, to see the reality from the view point of a madman.
The result of this work – a fashion collection, represents the dreamlike melancholic mood of German expressionism. It explores such topics as alienation, disharmony, hallucination, dreams, extreme emotional states, destabilization. The silhouettes and cut is inspired with the idea of distortion of the reality, used in “the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”. The elaborated silhouettes are the result of my deep interest in structured, complex and detailed garments as well as my fascination of creative and innovative pattern cutting. 
The movie also became the visual reference also for the color palette. The visual imagery I collected doing this research helped in creating the prints- they were inspired by expressionist woodcuts. Exploring the topic of expressionist drama and performance I found interesting the idea of abstract-geometric masks, symbolizing ideas, or portraying the character inner world and I decided to design the masks for my project. They are made in mirrored Plexiglas, which add the mysterious touch to the collection.
Yana Kostyleva

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