Elisabetta Sapia


Elisabetta Sapia:

…”the project is an experiment of hybridizing  the African pattern making with the western patten making.

first picture: Three-quarter sleeve jersey top is 100% cotton wax print made in Ghana, sleeves cotton gauze Made in Italy. Above K-Way 100% polyester fabric with inserts of Africa.
The pencil skirt is split down the middle, on the right is mono-color the left  element is pleated and wide rests at the base, the length let you see the fantasy fabric underneath.

second picture: The shirt comes from a pattern for men shirt, the sleeves are slightly curved as some African models, collar and placket are made with transparent fabric used for the K-way.
The  duster  has a right long sleeve and to the left is three-quarters as many African clothes and the whole piece is larger. The pants:  on the right  are wide so as to reproduce the skirts of Africa, on the left is of a smaller size so you can  glimpse  the ankle…”

Elisabetta Sapia

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