“Hijab” by Behnoud Khashe and Giulio Rossini

“Hijab” : Fashion Film by Behnoud Khashe and Giulio Rossini

for Stefania Seoni

This is not a story
Not even a film
There is no room to say
How freedom should be shouted
Or sometimes is a shoot
In a warm-cold bullet
In to your heart
Or hold it in your hand
Or think about it
You have
But there is only a Lie!
All those Lies
All these Lies
On our hand
In our mind
In a title
Or On a paper
I wrote those lies on a silk
On my skin
With the bloody pen of blasphemous
And freedom!
When they say come and take it, it is in our hand
You take nothing but Lie!
It’s not the end
It’s just the beginning
Pay for freedom
It’s the finest art Design
Is the thirstiest desert.
Is the biggest ocean
Is the most unlimited dream
In the haze of a lie
You should play that game
If you want it
And when you find it
Is like a wind blowing your face
Free your body
Let the lies go away
Let the sun shines on you
Let the world hear your message
Is coming soon…

Behnoud Khashe


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