… On June 25 took place in the abandoned ruins of an old print shop on the outskirts of Milan, now home of the exhibition space Assab One, a very special event. It’s Midsummer Naba Tales, a show at the border between theatrical performance and art installation in which students of the Specialized Biennium in Fashion and Textile Design have presented, under the watchful eyes of an audience that has made ​​”physically” part of the representation, the creations made at the conclusion of their long and intensive studies.

A narrative plot directed by the legendary Romeo Gigli, who accompanied the boys, along with Claudia Nesi, throughout the design process. Thirty flowing garments, made ​​alive by the gestures of the performer-models, which have given to the chiefs the substance of body as well as the fluidity and the charm of movement. Sudden steps, sometimes mechanical, repetitive, referenced, syncopated, masterfully choreographed by Davide Montagna and music by Aldo Lanzini.

Backdrop to the representation has been a huge cotton gauze patchwork stained with o-shibori technique, carried out collectively by the students at the conclusion of the course taught by Nancy Martin and Mikio Imai…



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